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Poets Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

Chalk Painted Tile Floors

Chalk based paint is so versatile that yes – it can be used to paint over ugly floor tiles and give them a whole new fresh look.  We were working with 10″x10″ outdated and very ugly, flesh-toned ceramic tile.  We decided not to paint areas of the floor that would ultimately be covered with accent rugs and here you can see we went around the outer edges of the dining area and left the center unpainted.  Didn’t see any need to spend more on paint when 1) the tiles would be covered by rugs and 2) the hope is to have all the tile taken up and replaced by hardwood flooring within two years.  So, chalk painted tile floors is to an intermediary plan until we can ultimately replace all the flooring with hardwood.

Poets Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

Here is the hardwood flooring that will eventually cover the whole house.  Right now, it’s only in the master bedroom.  Unfortunately, our newly purchased house also needs a new roof and we just finished replacing all the windows and sliding doors with hurricane impact glass.  Very expensive.  One project at a time.

Poets Paint Waterglass Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

Below is one coat using Poet’s Paint Waterglass Paint chalk-based paint in Vintage White which is a color match to Annie Sloan’s Old White.

Poets Paint Waterglass Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

You can see the difference between one coat of chalk paint on the floor tile and two coats.  And you can see how hideous the original tile is.

Poets Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

So what do you use to maintain the floor and help protect it from scratching?  We used Miniwax water-based Polycrilic in a clear matte finish and we’re pretty happy with it.  We applied it using a sponge mop but I think it would have been easier with a paint roller and long handle.  We topcoated with two coats of the Polycrilic over the chalk paint.  We did try another product and it created terrible amber color streaks everywhere and we had to recoat with more chalk paint.  I don’t remember what product it was but it was suppose to be a clear topcoat.  It wasn’t.

Poets Paint Waterglass Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

We also looked for different stencil designs to see if we might want to stencil some artwork on top of the white but finally decided to just leave it white.  I could see someone doing a checkerboard pattern using the paint – maybe Vintage White and Blackbird to get a black and white checkerboard pattern in the right room.  Or maybe a Moroccan stencil pattern but our design theme is what I call “Vintage Beach” and the creamy white chalk paint was perfect.

Poets Paint Waterglass Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

We’re very happy with how the chalk painted tile floors came out and has made such a difference in the room.  The tiles are a beautiful creamy vintage tone and go very well with our decor.  I don’t feel quite so anxious about getting the wood flooring down as quickly as possible.

Poets Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

Poets Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

Poets Paint Chalk Painted Tile Floors

You can do it and it’s very easy.  Clean your floors first before painting and wait until the first coat dries before applying the second coat.  We used a paint roller to apply the paint and then a sponge mop to apply the Polycrilic top coat but a paint roller would probably work better or just as good.


Poets Paint Vintage White Chest

Poets Paint Vintage White Chest of Drawers

Poets Paint Vintage Chest

I managed to pick up this 5-drawer chest at a thrift store for $25.00 and it was the perfect candidate for a chalk-based paint overhaul in Poets Paint Vintage White and Blackbird.  And I knew I wanted to use a graphic on the front – something where I could use our name and logo and maybe even put it in French.  The best place to go for graphics, especially for furniture is The Graphics Fairy.  Wonderful vintage graphics.  But I didn’t want mine to look like so many that i had seen on the internet so I ended up tweaking it by using the one outline and bits and pieces from others.  And finally I translated Poets Paint Waterglass Paint into French then found a font that I liked and used Photoshop to manipulate the curvature and size and just printed it out.

Once I had painted most of the piece with Poets Paint Vintage White (an exact match to Annie S. Old White), I then painted the rest, which included the top and the legs with Poets Paint Blackbird.

I then fussed around quite a bit with placement of my graphics before I got it exactly the way I wanted it then taped down the bits and pieces of paper in place.  I then used carbon paper underneath and traced over it with a pen.  Once I had the outline, I removed the carbon paper and my pattern pieces and went over the lines with my black paint pen.  Black paint pens are great and they come in all widths so it’s easy to get fine details.

If I made any errors with the black paint pens I just painted over them and started again.

I used a fine grade (300) sandpaper over the edges and even over the design to give it an aged and worn look in areas.

And finally, I used Driftwood Final Finish Liquid Wax which I applied with a soft cloth.  One coat – let it dry for about 8 minutes, buff it and then applied a second coat, let it dry and buff again.  This gave it not only a nice protective finish but a soft satin look to the finish and I found it was easier to apply than other waxes.


Adorable Vintage Highchair in Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green

Awesome Vintage Baby’s Highchair that Converts to a Rocker

Poets Paint Vintage High Chair

This unique piece is from the 1920’s Sears catalog, or so I am told.  It’s such a clever piece and who knew they had pieces back then that were multi-purpose?  This clever little highchair also folds quickly into a rocking chair – I love it.  Of course you wouldn’t be able to use it now for a child but it would make a great addition to any little girl’s playroom for her dolls.  What pampered little girl wouldn’t love this piece for her favorite doll?

This is how how the chair looked in its original condition and as you can see, it had a lot of wear and tear.  But the integrity of the wood itself was still in good condition – just very worn.

Vintage high chair  Vintage high chair








Vintage high chair

I knew I wanted to use Poets Paint Vintage White but I struggled with whether to use the Cape Cod Blue or the Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green or maybe even both as accent colors.  I experimented with both colors and still had a hard time deciding but finally ended up going with the Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green.

I started with two coats of Vintage White over the whole piece and then my initial idea was to put the Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green just on the top design in the crevices only and perhaps paint or stencil a design in the large back panel.  But then I knew it was the perfect place to put a wonderful Beatrix Potter image.  I found the right image and put it on scannable transfer paper and transferred it to the chair.  I also put one on the back as well.  Love how it came out.

Poets Paint Vintage High Chair

But then I found myself loving the Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green and I just kept painting more areas with the green.  First the tray, then the arms then the step and legs.  The color is very pale and soft – very pretty.  And wherever there was any sort of design that could be highlighted, I went back in with the Vintage White so the whole piece is two-toned.

  Poets Paint Vintage High ChairPoets Paint Vintage High Chair










And finally, I sprayed lacquer over the Beatrix Potter image transfers to make sure they would be quite permanent and finished the piece using Driftwood Final Finish Liquid Wax which is a liquid carnauba wax finish – very easy to put on and gives it a satin finish.  It’s easier than paste waxing and the outcome is the same if you’re not going to antique or distress a finish.  Driftwood Final Finish is sold by  Poets Paint sister company, DIYDriftwood.com.

Poets Paint Vintage High Chair


Poets Paint for a Princess

I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready for SPRING! Sunshine, spring flowers, and GARAGE SALES! Going to garage sales is one of my absolute favorite things to do on a sunny Saturday morning. As a child, I remember my mother waking me up early each Saturday morning just to see what kind of cheap treasures we would come across. I see so many AMAZING deals and I just want to buy them all. BUY THEM ALL!

My mother and I were just at the end of our rummaging one Saturday morning last summer when we saw a tiny yard sale sign nailed to a tree on our way home. This beauty was visible from the road as we were driving up to the house. “Please let it be for sale. Please let it be for sale.” I was literally chanting. Five minutes later…this gorgeous antique chifferette WAS MINE ALL MINE! The nice lady I bought it from said the piece had been in her family for quite a while and she used it store extra towels and bedding.


I’ve wanted to work on a piece like this for some time now. I’ve seen so many beautiful pieces pinned on Pinterest and I just had to get my hands on one. And this one was in almost perfect condition. I almost couldn’t bring myself to paint it. I let it sit in the corner of my garage for a good 5 months before I was brave enough to give this piece the happiness it deserves. Nobody puts baby in a corner, right?

Fast forward to January. I needed to paint this piece. I wanted to paint this piece. But what color? I paint for resale so I have to choose my colors wisely and mostly stick to neutrals like blues, whites, and grays. This piece deserved a color that would accentuate all of the charming little details. And when I received Driftwood Grey from Poets Paint Waterglass Paint, I knew it was THE ONE. Driftwood Grey is a beautiful light gray with blue undertones that resembles the shades of aged driftwood. I previously used Poets Paint Waterglass Paint in Vintage White on a beautiful buffet I painted and knew this paint had the rock-hard finish I was looking for so this piece would last a lifetime.

Poet's Paint

Even in Charleston, the winter temperatures wouldn’t cooperate so I had to bring this piece into my kitchen to paint it. My first step was to give the piece a thorough cleaning with a solution of TSP and water. I use this solution or vinegar/water to clean all my pieces before painting to ensure it is completely clean and free of any dirt, dust, oils, and fingerprints.

Once I was certain the piece was completely clean and degreased, I filled in 2 small spots where the veneer had broken off. I used simple wood filler that’s available at most stores. Just fill the gap, let it dry, and then sand it smooth. Then it was ready for paint! No priming or sanding required! I used 3 coats of paint on this piece for 100% coverage. The drawers were painted with a mix of the Driftwood Gray and a beautiful leftover blue chalk paint I had on hand.

Dresser by Robyn Galindo using Poet's Paint

After very lightly distressing, I clear waxed the entire piece but also applied a beautiful white wax to give the piece a white wash effect. There are many brands of white wax available and Poet’s Paint has a sister company, DIYDriftwood.com that makes an all natural Liming Wax. I also used a little white wax in all the details along the sides and the appliques on the top and doors. Next, I applied VERY LITTLE dark wax to all of those little details. Just enough to highlight and make those details really POP! And here’s the final result as displayed in a booth at Mt. Pleasant Mall in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Dresser by Robyn Galindo using Poet's Paint

This piece sold quickly and is now in the bedroom of a lucky little girl. A quote from it’s new owner:

“Its new home is in my two year old daughter’s room . . . a piece she can grow with and then leave at home when she moves out. I love it too much to let her eventually take it with her!”

Dresser by Robyn Galindo using Poet's Paint

DresserPoets Paint Waterglass Paint is available on Amazon in six gorgeous colors. You can see more of my work and follow me at www.facebook.com/plantationchic. I have several more projects that I’ll be working on soon using Poets Paint Waterglass Paint!