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Adorable Vintage Highchair in Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green

Awesome Vintage Baby’s Highchair that Converts to a Rocker

Poets Paint Vintage High Chair

This unique piece is from the 1920’s Sears catalog, or so I am told.  It’s such a clever piece and who knew they had pieces back then that were multi-purpose?  This clever little highchair also folds quickly into a rocking chair – I love it.  Of course you wouldn’t be able to use it now for a child but it would make a great addition to any little girl’s playroom for her dolls.  What pampered little girl wouldn’t love this piece for her favorite doll?

This is how how the chair looked in its original condition and as you can see, it had a lot of wear and tear.  But the integrity of the wood itself was still in good condition – just very worn.

Vintage high chair  Vintage high chair








Vintage high chair

I knew I wanted to use Poets Paint Vintage White but I struggled with whether to use the Cape Cod Blue or the Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green or maybe even both as accent colors.  I experimented with both colors and still had a hard time deciding but finally ended up going with the Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green.

I started with two coats of Vintage White over the whole piece and then my initial idea was to put the Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green just on the top design in the crevices only and perhaps paint or stencil a design in the large back panel.  But then I knew it was the perfect place to put a wonderful Beatrix Potter image.  I found the right image and put it on scannable transfer paper and transferred it to the chair.  I also put one on the back as well.  Love how it came out.

Poets Paint Vintage High Chair

But then I found myself loving the Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green and I just kept painting more areas with the green.  First the tray, then the arms then the step and legs.  The color is very pale and soft – very pretty.  And wherever there was any sort of design that could be highlighted, I went back in with the Vintage White so the whole piece is two-toned.

  Poets Paint Vintage High ChairPoets Paint Vintage High Chair










And finally, I sprayed lacquer over the Beatrix Potter image transfers to make sure they would be quite permanent and finished the piece using Driftwood Final Finish Liquid Wax which is a liquid carnauba wax finish – very easy to put on and gives it a satin finish.  It’s easier than paste waxing and the outcome is the same if you’re not going to antique or distress a finish.  Driftwood Final Finish is sold by  Poets Paint sister company, DIYDriftwood.com.

Poets Paint Vintage High Chair


Lovely Vintage Side Table Redo with Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green

Side Table in Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green
Side Table in Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green

Lovely Vintage Side Table Redo with Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green

After seeing my neighbor’s collection of furniture finished with Poet’s Paint, she had some beautiful pieces, all finished with this product, I was excited to give it a try. I had an old end table that desperately needed cosmetic improvement. I found it at a yard sale for $10.00 and couldn’t resist the sturdy and useful piece! I loved the maple table it was a great accent piece, it was a bit scratched and had a small burn on the top of it. I hesitated to paint it, but I did not want to sand it, strip it and stain it again…. I wanted a different look.

Poets Paint Waterglass Paint Vintage Silk Green

I decided to experiment with the top first, and then do the body. I’m new at this so I wanted to use a product that was easy to use and provided a quality finish. I chose the Poet’s Paint Vintage Silk Green for the top. I started by cleaning the piece with detergent and water. I was worried that the worn finish would interfere with the application but the directions stated it adhered well to this kind of older finish with only a few exceptions where one might run into something known as “bleed through”.  (See Tips for Painting with Chalk Paint). Little did I know my piece would be one of those exceptions but I would end up liking it.

I removed the drawers and the little brass drawer pulls and I opened a window for ventilation since I decided to work inside. I was surprised to find that the paint had practically no odor at all.

I applied the paint a bit thin as I knew I wanted two coats. The product applied amazingly smooth and easy. Once the first coat was applied I waited 2 hours and applied the second coat. As it dried I noticed the right edge had a crackled look to it. I wasn’t sure what to do so I emailed Poet’s Paint.  Apparently, when a piece crackles it is commonly due to either the drying conditions or from “bleed through” caused from chemicals used in previously cleaning, waxing and/or refinishing older furniture.

Crackling PaintIt was recommended that I apply a coat of lacquer and then another coat of paint, as the lacquer would seal it. But they also mentioned that some people liked the crackled look and paid “big bucks” to actually replicate the crackled look. I did like the crackled look but at that time it was only on the right edge of the table top. The next day as the paint cured, the crackled look appeared over the whole top. What a beautiful result!

On the body of the table, I decided to use Jasco Easy Liquid Sander, Deglosser instead of varnish before applying the paint to see if it made a difference in the paint result. I wanted to keep the crackle only on the top of the piece. I applied the deglosser with a terry cloth and I could see it was removing a lot of the wax build up. I let it dry for 30 minutes then I applied the Poet’s Paint Vintage Silk Green. It worked great, two coats covered and dried with a wonderful finish.  But I later realized that the reason lacquer is recommended over other products such as deglosser is that you can use it OVER an area you have already painted and then paint it again, whereas you can’t do that with a deglosser.

I decided to use the Poet’s Paint Vintage White on the drawer. The contrast looked so nice. The drawer pulls were tarnished brass knobs, I liked them, but I didn’t want to paint them. I had painted metal knobs in the past, I didn’t like the results. I used Brasso to clean the knobs and they shined up nicely. There are so many ideas for drawer pulls that I decided if I came across an idea I really liked, I could always replace them. The whole table looks great! I love the crackled look just on the top and the green and white contrast is wonderful.

Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green

I am looking forward to other projects to use Poet’s Paint on! I can definitely see using this product in the near future to do my kitchen cabinets, something that would have previously intimidated me! Now the ideas are flowing and I am looking at old furniture in a whole new light!!

Poets Paint Vintage Silk Green