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Making Chalk Paint Candleholders

Creating  Chalk Paint Candle Holders

Poets Paint on glassHere’s a creative way to create chalk paint candleholders using odd bits and pieces everyone has around the house.  I’ve mostly used glassware but here is just a sample of some of the things that you can use: glassware, jars, caps, screw tops, bottlecaps, candle covers, cat food cans, food cans, bowls, dishes – plastic, glass, tin, metal, stoneware, ceramic, wood, etc.  The possibilities are really endless.  Just find shapes that you like and start stacking them to form a design you like.  I often invert them.

Finding unusual pieces or glassware with great shapes at a local thrift store for under a dollar is pretty easy. You can make them tall and thin or short and fat but making three at a time is always good for a collection.


Below, I’ve decided what pieces I wanted to use and their placement and then lined the pieces up in order to glue them together in the correct order.  I spent a few hours arranging and rearranging and going through the house finding odd pieces I could use until I finally just sat down put the chalk paint candleholders  together.

Poets Paint on glass

Now I’ve got all three pieces glued in the style I want.  I usually try to put a small screw cap or something of a similar size on the top that will be a good for holding a candle in place.

Poets Paint on glass

Poets Paint on glass

The next step is simply to pick your chalk paint colors and paint.  Poet’s Paint Waterglass Paint will adhere to glass, metal, plastic, wood, stone and most other surfaces you decide to use so it will become one unified piece with a great form.  Below I used Poet’s Paint Waterglass Paint in Vintage Silk Blue, Driftwood Grey and Cape Cod Blue for my three pieces.

Poets Paint