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Nautical Chic Cabinet

Nautical Inspired Cabinet Using Poets Paint Cape Cod Blue and Driftwood Grey

One of the best things about what I do is finding fun pieces to work on and trying new products. I am always on the lookout for furniture. Always. So when I saw this adorable cabinet on a swap site, I had to have it. It was in great structural condition which is always lovely but had some staining from prior use. I knew immediately that I wanted paint this piece with two different colors for a little contrast. A neutral inside and a pop of color for the outside.

Poets Paint

Poets Paint

Something about this piece made me want to go in a little bit of a nautical direction. I think it might have been the lines and the details on the doors. So I decided to go with a blue on the outside and a grey on the inside. I immediately thought of the Poet’s Waterglass Paint line. They have several colors that I thought would suit my coastal/nautical vibe for this piece. I chose “Cape Cod Blue” for the exterior PoetsPaintCapeCodBlue150and “Driftwood Grey” for the interior.

I started with the Driftwood Grey and decided to use it on the entire piece for several reasons. First, I knew I wanted the interior of the top and bottom to be that color. Secondly, I find grey to be a wonderful way to prime a piece what may have some bleed through. I ALWAYS thoroughly clean my pieces with a paint prep cleaner. I prefer Krud Kutter but you can use TSP or vinegar as well. And in most cases with a darker wood I will seal with a coat of shellac. With this piece I did not but the Driftwood Grey went on wonderfully with no bleed through at all. Here is what it looked like after ONE coat of Driftwood. I was really pleased with the coverage.

Poets Paint Driftwood Grey

Poets Paint Driftwood Grey

I did one more coat on the interior of the top and the bottom in the Driftwood and then used clear wax to seal them.

Then I moved on the exterior and cracked open the Poets Paint Cape Cod Blue. It is a really pretty light blue with grey undertones. I thought it was perfect for my nautical direction. The Cape Cod Blue went on wonderfully over the Driftwood Grey. I used two solid coats and then touched up some areas here and there . It looks very gray at first but the tone really brightens once its waxed.

Poets Paint Driftwood Grey
I decided that the detail work really needed to pop so I went back with an artist brush and painted the detail work with the Driftwood Grey. I thought it may take several coats since I was painting a lighter color over a darker/brighter color but was pleasantly surprised when it only took two coats. Which is extra awesome when you are hand painting small detail lines. I thought the end result really made the details pop and reminded me of the white details on a sailor suit. Here is a close up on one of the details on the doors….

Poets Paint Cape Cod Blue Cabinet
I always wax all my pieces to ensure a sealed, durable finish. With this piece, I first used clear wax to bring out the richness of the Poets Paint Cape Cod Blue and then went back and lightly white waxed it to add some depth. It’s a subtle finish but think it really adds some dimension. As a finishing touch, I added new knobs that I just LOVE. I had to use them and they really made this piece say “Nautical Chic”. After I had finished up, I took it to my shop space and staged it for sale.

All in all, I really enjoyed working with Poet’s Paint Waterglass Paint. I have used it on several pieces in the past as well. It always goes on smoothly and dries quickly for great coverage. One thing I have always noticed is when you sand it, it shimmers! It must be the waterglass liquid properties in the paint. It disappears when you wax it but I just love that when I’m sanding. And this paint dries HARD. It has a smooth finish every time and distresses easily as well. I can’t wait to try some of the new colors as they roll them out this summer.

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Poets Paint Cape Cod Blue Cabinet

Making Chalk Paint Candleholders

Creating  Chalk Paint Candle Holders

Poets Paint on glassHere’s a creative way to create chalk paint candleholders using odd bits and pieces everyone has around the house.  I’ve mostly used glassware but here is just a sample of some of the things that you can use: glassware, jars, caps, screw tops, bottlecaps, candle covers, cat food cans, food cans, bowls, dishes – plastic, glass, tin, metal, stoneware, ceramic, wood, etc.  The possibilities are really endless.  Just find shapes that you like and start stacking them to form a design you like.  I often invert them.

Finding unusual pieces or glassware with great shapes at a local thrift store for under a dollar is pretty easy. You can make them tall and thin or short and fat but making three at a time is always good for a collection.


Below, I’ve decided what pieces I wanted to use and their placement and then lined the pieces up in order to glue them together in the correct order.  I spent a few hours arranging and rearranging and going through the house finding odd pieces I could use until I finally just sat down put the chalk paint candleholders  together.

Poets Paint on glass

Now I’ve got all three pieces glued in the style I want.  I usually try to put a small screw cap or something of a similar size on the top that will be a good for holding a candle in place.

Poets Paint on glass

Poets Paint on glass

The next step is simply to pick your chalk paint colors and paint.  Poet’s Paint Waterglass Paint will adhere to glass, metal, plastic, wood, stone and most other surfaces you decide to use so it will become one unified piece with a great form.  Below I used Poet’s Paint Waterglass Paint in Vintage Silk Blue, Driftwood Grey and Cape Cod Blue for my three pieces.

Poets Paint

Poets Paint for a Princess

I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready for SPRING! Sunshine, spring flowers, and GARAGE SALES! Going to garage sales is one of my absolute favorite things to do on a sunny Saturday morning. As a child, I remember my mother waking me up early each Saturday morning just to see what kind of cheap treasures we would come across. I see so many AMAZING deals and I just want to buy them all. BUY THEM ALL!

My mother and I were just at the end of our rummaging one Saturday morning last summer when we saw a tiny yard sale sign nailed to a tree on our way home. This beauty was visible from the road as we were driving up to the house. “Please let it be for sale. Please let it be for sale.” I was literally chanting. Five minutes later…this gorgeous antique chifferette WAS MINE ALL MINE! The nice lady I bought it from said the piece had been in her family for quite a while and she used it store extra towels and bedding.


I’ve wanted to work on a piece like this for some time now. I’ve seen so many beautiful pieces pinned on Pinterest and I just had to get my hands on one. And this one was in almost perfect condition. I almost couldn’t bring myself to paint it. I let it sit in the corner of my garage for a good 5 months before I was brave enough to give this piece the happiness it deserves. Nobody puts baby in a corner, right?

Fast forward to January. I needed to paint this piece. I wanted to paint this piece. But what color? I paint for resale so I have to choose my colors wisely and mostly stick to neutrals like blues, whites, and grays. This piece deserved a color that would accentuate all of the charming little details. And when I received Driftwood Grey from Poets Paint Waterglass Paint, I knew it was THE ONE. Driftwood Grey is a beautiful light gray with blue undertones that resembles the shades of aged driftwood. I previously used Poets Paint Waterglass Paint in Vintage White on a beautiful buffet I painted and knew this paint had the rock-hard finish I was looking for so this piece would last a lifetime.

Poet's Paint

Even in Charleston, the winter temperatures wouldn’t cooperate so I had to bring this piece into my kitchen to paint it. My first step was to give the piece a thorough cleaning with a solution of TSP and water. I use this solution or vinegar/water to clean all my pieces before painting to ensure it is completely clean and free of any dirt, dust, oils, and fingerprints.

Once I was certain the piece was completely clean and degreased, I filled in 2 small spots where the veneer had broken off. I used simple wood filler that’s available at most stores. Just fill the gap, let it dry, and then sand it smooth. Then it was ready for paint! No priming or sanding required! I used 3 coats of paint on this piece for 100% coverage. The drawers were painted with a mix of the Driftwood Gray and a beautiful leftover blue chalk paint I had on hand.

Dresser by Robyn Galindo using Poet's Paint

After very lightly distressing, I clear waxed the entire piece but also applied a beautiful white wax to give the piece a white wash effect. There are many brands of white wax available and Poet’s Paint has a sister company, DIYDriftwood.com that makes an all natural Liming Wax. I also used a little white wax in all the details along the sides and the appliques on the top and doors. Next, I applied VERY LITTLE dark wax to all of those little details. Just enough to highlight and make those details really POP! And here’s the final result as displayed in a booth at Mt. Pleasant Mall in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.

Dresser by Robyn Galindo using Poet's Paint

This piece sold quickly and is now in the bedroom of a lucky little girl. A quote from it’s new owner:

“Its new home is in my two year old daughter’s room . . . a piece she can grow with and then leave at home when she moves out. I love it too much to let her eventually take it with her!”

Dresser by Robyn Galindo using Poet's Paint

DresserPoets Paint Waterglass Paint is available on Amazon in six gorgeous colors. You can see more of my work and follow me at www.facebook.com/plantationchic. I have several more projects that I’ll be working on soon using Poets Paint Waterglass Paint!