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Regal Buffet With Poet’s Paint Blackbird

Spring has sprung! I live on the East Coast so I’ve been chomping at the bit all winter to be able to paint outdoors again with Poet’s Paint. I’m thrilled that the temperatures have FINALLY warmed up enough to do it. I troll Craigslist daily for furniture and over the winter I’ve managed to fill every square inch of my storage unit. I keep telling myself that I won’t buy more until I sell a piece but who am kidding? As soon as a deal appears my fingers peck out an “I’m very interested” response before I my good sense has a chance to catch up. It’s a sickness, really.

I scored this mahogany server for $50.

Blackbird Buffet project

The seller indicated that it was very heavy, on the third floor and no one would be there to help me load it into my SUV. Sure, that might have deterred others but I threw common sense to the wind and responded that I would be there at 7:30 pm the next day. I bribed my teenage daughter to come along as my hired hand. We hauled it down three flights of steps and into my SUV while the seller’s wife marveled about our strength. Have you ever seen videos of people performing incredible feats of strength in emergencies like lifting a car off the ground to free a trapped person? I can easily summon THAT type of strength whenever a free or cheap piece of furniture is involved. Nothing will stand between me and a sweet piece of furniture. In fact, had it been free and I had no help, I would have strapped that baby to a skateboard and pushed it all the way home. I have no shame.

No sooner than I got it out of my truck I realized that the server had many flaws. The veneer was coming off on the doors in multiple places plus, there were water stains and deep gouges in the top.

Blackbird Buffet project

Gah! How did I not notice this at the seller’s house? Why does this always happen to me? Do “beer goggles” also apply to furniture painters shopping on Craigslist? I say yes. This was going to be more work than I anticipated but I was up for the challenge.

Now to pick a color! After painting no less than ten custom pieces “white and lightly distressed” in succession, I was anxious to work with color. Poet’s Paint has six beautiful, chalk based, matte finish colors to choose from. I selected Poet’s Paint in Blackbird which is has a velvety matte black finish. I knew that my piece would sell quickly in this color.

I love the regal look of a stained top and painted base so decided to give it a shot on my new server. I sanded the top only and applied a pre-stain conditioner then waited 30 minutes before applying a honey colored stain. Wood conditioning is a quick but necessary step to avoid streaks and uneven staining. Six hours later I lightly sanded the top again with 320 grit and applied a second coat of stain.  Easy peasy!

Blackbird Buffet project

Blackbird Buffet project

Poet’s Paint is a “no prep paint” so there’s no priming or sanding necessary for adhesion. Yay! I just needed to wipe down the base with a cleaner/degreaser solution and fix the veneer. The veneer was in really bad shape in a few places and completely broken off in others. I’m not a pro at this by any means but I went at it with heat gun blazing. Using a heat gun, wood glue, wood filler and some clamps,

Blackbird Buffet project

I was able to make the repairs to the veneer with no problem. Wait….that’s a big, fat lie. I almost mentally blocked out the part where I used auto body filler to build up a large area where the veneer completely came off of a door. I made a giant lumpy mess shed some ugly Kim Kardashian-style tears and screamed some choice words that would make a sailor blush.

Blackbird Buffet project

Short on patience, I was seriously ready to “curb alert” the server. After surfing Craigslist to calm my nerves, I regrouped and was able to easily sand it smooth with my electric sander. Phew!

Now for my favorite part–PAINT! Using a round brush, I applied Poet’s Paint to the base and drawer fronts. The paint goes on super smooth and is seriously fun to use.The coverage is amazing as it is neither watery nor too thick. Like Goldilocks said, “It’s just right”. I gave it three coats for complete coverage and a rock hard finish. I sealed the entire piece with a wipe-on polyurethane which deepened the rich black color even more and gave it a soft, beautiful glow.

Buffet with Blackbird Paint

The server sold within 5 minutes of being advertised! Poet’s Paint Waterglass Paint is available on Amazon in these six amazing colors with more colors to com: Aegean Turquoise, Vintage White, Driftwood Grey, Vintage Silk Blue, Blackbird, Stonehenge and Cashmere. You can follow me on Facebook at The Canary and The Elephant where I’ll be breathing new life into other pieces using Poet’s Paint Waterglass Paint.