Lovely Script Un foyer French – Large Transfer Gold Lettering


“Un Foyer” furniture transfer with French lettering and detailed drawing in beautiful gold ink by Re design Prima décor. Large size, gold ink lettering for use on either dark or light backgrounds.

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“Un foyer” French Lovely Script and delicate imagery Furniture Transfer Gold lettering

Transfer with French “Un foyer” in gold ink lettering. Furniture transfer adds lavish yet delicately detailed vintage touches to your favorite furnishings using beautiful gold ink. Use this transfer on your furniture, walls, glass, mirror, wood and more to add a special touch to any living space. These are not stencils but easy transfers.

By: Re design with Prima #655350646578

Design Size: 25″ L x 34″ W

Sheet Size: 11.3 x 25 (3 sheets total)

Color: Gold ink lettering for use on either dark or light background.  Use Poets Paint in “Blackbird” for a beautiful matte black base.


Start on a clean surface.  Lay out your supplies.

  1.  Position the design where you want it.
  2. Tape the corners in place using painters tape.
  3.  Using the stick provided, begin on one side and rub the transfer on the surface.  Work all the way around, making contact with all parts of the transfer until it is completely adhered to the surface.
  4. Protect your new surface with a clear topcoat such as Driftwood Final Finish Liquid Wax or other sealant.




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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 20 in